Carl Orsbourn

Consultant, Author, Business Executive at the Convergence of Dark Retail, Food, Cannabis & Delivery Innovation

Carl has operated at the intersection of food, retail, convenience, and delivery for many years. He has recently enjoyed senior executive roles running retail at a vertically integrated Cannabis business and scaling a Googles Venture backed Ghost Kitchen venture at Kitchen United. Through helping restaurants flourish in the rapidly expanding off-premise dining market, he has become a best-selling author with Delivering - The Digital Restaurant hitting number one in its first week of release in numerous categories on Amazon. Get your copy today here

His second stint in the US began when Carl was accountable for over $1.3bn of retail sales at one of the largest franchised convenience retail brands – ampm, where he launched the company’s first fresh food brand.

He has led an international career traversing numerous functions in the UK and US including operations, pricing, finance, product development & project management.

Carl completed his Executive MBA at one of Europe’s leading business schools – London Business School. In his spare time, he runs a beach volleyball club, a networking game night and puts his creative flair to work through music & the written word. He is currently writing a book on the future of food and lives in Southern California.

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Carl's innovative and forward thinking keeps him ahead of market trends and his leadership qualities and vision inspires his direct reports to deliver the results any company would love to see.


Senior Manager - Constellation Brands


 Carl was able to identify solid recommendations that had one foot in today, and one foot in tomorrow - with the target to setup the business for long-term success. Carl is a fantastic leader and would be a true asset on any team

Managing Director - Accenture


Carl has a grasp on every detail of the P&L to the names of every staff member across the business.

Never afraid of rolling up his sleeves when required, Carl is willing to show tremendous tenacity & drive to find efficiencies and improvements in our business model & unearth new approaches to drive incremental value.

COO - Kitchen United 


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With front line operations, multi million dollar financial management experience & wide ranging project management capability, Carl is ready to help you. Let's discuss!

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